Christmas Island 2007

Day Three - 29 December

(or 28 December Hawaii Time)

On day three we traveled by truck to the beach near an area called the Korean Wreck (a Korean ship had wrecked there in the past, but all traces have been removed). Our guide was Nareau.

Miles of pristine beach without another person.
I fished the tidal flats between the beach and the coral reef. These flats hold many types of fish.
This is a photo of Nareau and I with a small Blue Fin Trevally. In addition to Blue Fin Trevally, I caught bonefish, "baby" Giant Trevally and a Queen Fish. I also had a chance at several Giant Trevally, but was unsuccessful.

The evening of our third day we were entertained by the staff of the Capt Cook Hotel in native dress.
The men on the staff, including some of the guides are dancing.
The men and women on the staff are performing a ritual using sticks.
At the end of their performance, the staff "recruited" the guests of the hotel to also dance!

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