Steelhead, 2003

Steelhead Fishing, 2003

These are various photos of my steelhead fishing in 2003. All fish were caught fly fishing (casting).

Only hatchery raised fish can be kept. All wild (native) fish are released unharmed.

(Click on any of the photos for a larger, high resolution version)

Andy on 12 August with a twelve pound hen steelhead.
An eight pound buck steelhead caught by Andy on 15 August.

A five pound buck steelhead caught by Andy on 21 August. Fish is still in the landing net while still on the river. Look closely and you can see the fishing line and fly in the fish's mouth.
Devin with a 16 pound wild steelhead he caught and released. Click on the photo for more photos from 25 August.

A six pound hen steelhead Andy caught on 4 September.