Cerise Lifter

Hot Pink (or Cerise) Lifter

Hook: Gamakatsu Octopus or similar Hook,sizes 6 - 2

Thread: 6/0 Hot Pink

Bead: Gold Tungsten

size 6 hook - 1/8 inch bead

size 4 hook - 5/32 inch bead

size 2 hook - 3/16 inch bead

Tail: Chartreuse Egg Yarn

Body: Cactus Chenille Fl. Fuchsia

Shroud: Egg Veil Milky White

I started tying and using this fly in 2006 for winter run steelhead; I have caught numerous winter steelhead with this fly. You can call it a Cerise Lifter or a Hot Pink Lifter, the materials are the same either way!