High Cascade Deer Hunt, 2003

High Cascade Deer Hunt, 2003

For our annual September deer hunt this year, we had to make some changes. The Mt Jefferson Wilderness was closed in early September because of a forest fire. We therefore decided to try the Mink Lake Basin in the Three Sisters Wilderness, which is located south of Mt Jefferson. We had never been into the Three Sisters Wilderness before, so our hunt was be combined with exploring the wilderness. We entered the wilderness from Century Drive out of Bend, Oregon on Sunday, September 7. The trailhead is located 220 miles from our home and then it is a four mile pack just to reach the area that was open to hunting. Our total mileage from the trailhead to our first camp was over eight miles.

We camped the first two nights at Mink Lake. It rained almost constantly our first two days, so I took no photos. On Tuesday we moved camp to Goose Lake. There, Devin shot a blacktail deer. It was the only deer we got as we left the wilderness on Thursday to take Devin's deer to a butcher and to dry out!

These are various photos of our trip into the Three Sisters Wilderness, Mink Lake Basin to hunt deer in September, 2003. Click on any of the photos for a larger, high resolution version.

Devin with his 3 X 4 deer.
Devin's deer hanging in camp.

Our "wet" camp at Goose Lake.
Goose Lake

The horses at Goose Lake.
Gnat Lake, one of the many lakes that are located in Mink Lake Basin

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