Antelope Scouting Trip, 2005

Antelope Scouting Trip, 2005

After many years, I finally drew an antelope tag. The tag is for a unit in southern Oregon.

These are various photos of my scouting trip on August 1 & 2, 2005. Click on any of the photos for a larger, high resolution version.

Beaty's Butte as seen from Flook Lake Road.
Hart Mountain
There are several abandoned ranches in the area.

I saw 21 or 22 Big Horn sheep along Guano Rim.
I saw lots of deer, like this doe and twin fawns.

On the first day, I saw antelope, including some nice bucks on the Hart Mtn Refuge.
This buck antelope is laying in the tall grass and only his head is showing.

Finally, on the second day, I found the antelope I will be hunting. I saw over 80 antelope in three herds and several single bucks. All antelope were too far away for a good photo. The hunting season starts on August 13.