Antelope Hunting Trip, 2005

Antelope Hunting Trip, 2005

The season dates for my antelope tag were from 13 to 21 August. I got to the area where I hunted on Friday, 12 August.

While looking for a place to start hunting on opening day, I found this rock blind that had been built by a previous hunter. I decided to use it.
I also found this somewhat worn antelope skull. I "mounted" it in my blind.

I hunted both Saturday and Sunday, seeing over 200 antelope each day. However, it was difficult getting close enough for a good rifle shot for the buck antelope I saw.

While sitting in the blind on 14 August, I was visited by a coyote. I decided to "call" him and made some squeaking noise with my lips. I got his attention and on the third squeak, he ran straight to me. I had to stand up to get him to stop at a distance of only 20 feet. He growled and snarled at me before leaving; I guess he was upset I didn't feed him.

Towards evening on 14 August, I was approached (to within 300 yards) by a small antelope buck. I dropped him with a single shot to the neck.