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Heather’s Attendants:

Melissa Coffey, Maid of Honor – Yoyo has been one of my best friends since we started riding horses together. She has always been there for me, no matter how far apart we may be living. I am excited to have her by my side for our big day!

Amanda Jones, Bridesmaid – I met Amanda shortly after I moved to the Poulsbo area. Her loving charm has brought her close to my heart.

Carissa Fletcher, Bridesmaid – One of my partners-in-crime, Carissa is also one of my best friends on the Peninsula.

Maya Scheer, Bridesmaid – I have known Maya for all of her life! As my little cousin, we spent so much time together growing up that I often felt that we were more like sisters than cousins.

Kathleen Smith, Bridesmaid – Kat and I met at Oregon State. Both Kat and I have enjoyed the experience of being there for each other when we started dating our potential husbands, and I couldn’t have asked for a better friend and confidant.

Bill’s Attendants:

Dylan Duffy, Best Man – I could think of no one better to serve as the best man than my younger brother. I consider it an honor and a privilege to have Dylan serve as my best man on the most important day of my life.

Mark Callagan, Groomsman – Cal is my oldest friend and advisor, from the third grade until now. We have shared good times throughout our school days, our mutual time in the Navy, and to this very day.

Neil Anderson, Groomsman – Neiler is another friend from the days of old. We met in 10th grade trigonometry class and have been causing trouble together ever since. Life has taken us many different places, but our friendship has prevailed.

Gregory Eckman, Groomsman – Greg and I met in 7th grade and have been great friends ever since. My most prevalent “partner in crime” and greatest confidant, he is always there to lend an ear when I need it most.

Devin Karamanos, Groomsman – Heather’s brother and my “new” brother. Devin has welcomed me into the family with open arms and is always up for a good time. We get along marvelously, despite the fact that he is a fan of the vile, slug eating, University of Oregon Ducks.